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Barbie Bundles *PRE ORDER*

Barbie Bundles *PRE ORDER*

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Introducing our fabulous trio of hair extensions: Body Wave, Deep Wave, and Straight Bundles – because your hair deserves a VIP treatment! Lengths up to 36"

Body Wave, the beachy babe of the bunch. This wave pattern is so natural, it's like your hair just took a luxurious stroll along the shoreline. 

Deep Wave – the hair equivalent of a sultry siren. These curls are so deep, they're practically giving your hair a PhD in fabulousness. It's the kind of wave that says, "I woke up like this, and I'm fabulous." 

And then we have Straight Bundles – the sleek, chic, no-nonsense option for when you want your hair as straight as your priorities. It's so straight; it makes your morning routine look like a winding country road. 

These bundles are so good; even Rapunzel would be trading in her tower for a set. So whether you're looking to make waves, embrace your inner curl queen, or keep it straight to the point, our Virgin Body Wave, Deep Wave, and Straight Bundles have got your back – or should we say, your hair! 

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